PDF Search
(iOS Version)
What is It?
PDF Search is a PDF reader application designed for making relevancy search to find the most
relevant pages quickly inside multiple documents. It will show you the most relevant pages by
ranking them using its AI powered algorithm.
How it works?
It analyses and indexes all documents
with the help of artificial intelligence
algorithms. Using these indexes, it
calculates the most relevant pages across
all documents for a term you are looking
What makes it dierent?
Ordinary search tools makes existency
search. They only check whether your
keywords exist in documents or not. Then
they give you a bunch of document list.
You check them one by one whether they
are the one you are looking for or not.
There is no intelligence, just like a
PDF Search makes relevancy search.
Instead of checking only existency, It
analyses all pages separately and makes a
relevancy check for each of them
according to given keywords. This check
is similar to how a human checks
documents. For example, a human is
more interested on a page if it has a title
containing keywords. PDF Search
combines all these kind of checks into a
brand new algorithm. Using this
algorithm, it finds the most relevant
pages instantly among thousands of
* This manual is prepared with iPhone
screenshots. iPad users also can use this
guide because functionality and user
interface is very similar.
Import Documents
There are several ways to add documents into the library of PDF Search.
1. Sync with Mac App
2. Import from Mac App
3. Import using Files App
4. Import using iTunes
5. Copy PDF from another application
6. Paste from Clipboard
Select Menu
Choose Mac and enter
Sync Key
Import from Mac App
Using this option, you can easily import documents from your Mac to your iOS device over
WiFi. You have the option which documents to be imported or not. All imported documents
will be re-indexed. Index is not copied with this option.
* Please note that this option requires PDF Search app installed on your Mac.
It is very easy to import documents from Mac.
1. Select the option from Import menu.
2. Choose your Mac from the list. (When you open PDF Search on Mac and enable Sync
feature from Preferences window, it will be automatically detected by iOS app and
shown on the list. Please note that both device should be on the same WiFi network)
3. Enter the Sync Key which will be available on Preferences window of PDF Search Mac
4. Choose which documents to import.
Select Menu
Choose Mac and
enter Sync Key
Drag & Drop Here
Or Use This Button
Select Menu
Search for PDF
Copy PDF from another
If you have a PDF document opened in
another application, most probably you will
be able to share that document. When you
press share button an activity view will be
There you will find PDF Search icon with a
text below “Copy to PDF Search. When you
press that, PDF document will be copied to
PDF Search library and PDF Search app will
be opened. It automatically starts to index it.
Use Clipboard"
Alternatively you can use system clipboard
to copy and paste PDF document. Simply
press Copy icon on activity view. This will
copy the PDF document to system
Then open PDF Search and press import
“+” button. You will see “Paste from
Clipboard” option there. This will import the
PDF file from system clipboard.
It is very easy to search multiple documents with PDF Search. Just enter your search terms and
press Search button.
You can make search while indexing continues. Search will be done for indexed documents only
in this case.
You can filter documents according to the file name to specify which documents to be searched.
To do that just press filter button at the bottom right and enter keyword for filtering.
PDF Search gives you real time suggestions from words inside indexed documents. This will
help you a lot to define your search terms.
Search Documents
How Search Works
PDF Search algorithm calculates a rank value for every page in documents according to
keywords you entered. These ranks are computed as follows:
Keyword Distance : Pages containing keywords nearer to each other have a higher rank.
Keyword Density : Pages containing more keywords have a higher rank.
Importance : Pages that contain the keywords in the title or that are rendered in bold or a
larger font will have a higher rank.
Document Date: Pages within more recent files are ranked more highly than older files.
When a search is completed, PDF Search displays the page having the highest rank, highlighting
keywords by colors. It will help you a lot to locate your search terms in the page.
Sharpen Results
You can use below operators to narrate search results
QUOTES “..."
When you make using search quotes it only take pages containing keywords exactly in quotes
If you put plus (+) sign before a keyword, resulting pages will always contain that keyword
Search Keyword
"advanced economies"
Shows pages only containing exactly same
keywords together like 'Headline inflation
inched up in advanced economies as the drag
from lower commodity prices faded.'
advanced economies
Shows pages containing advanced and
economies keywords seperately ordering by
relevancy. For example : 'Economies in
advanced class will not be effected too much.'
Search Keyword
advanced +economies
Pages not containing economies keyword will
not be in result list.
If you put minus (-) sign before a keyword, pages containing that keyword will be discarded from
search results.
Search Keyword
advanced -economies
Pages containing 'economies' keyword will not
be in result list.
Navigating Search Results
When you make search, PDF Search checks every pages in documents and calculates a
relevancy rank value for each of them. Then it sorts from the best relevant page to the least.
So you will see a search result list with the number of pages containing your keywords.
Next Page
Previous Page
Instant Navigation
Through Dierent
Search results are sorted according
to the page relevancy. Pages can be
in different documents. For
example, the first page and second
page can be in different
documents. When you press next
page button, navigation is instant
through different documents.
Animated Highlighting
for Keywords
After you navigate to a page, all
keywords on that pages are
highlighted in different colors with
an animation. That will help you a
lot to locate them on the page.
Annotate Page
You can highlight, underline or strikethrough any
selection on the page to emphasize them.
It is very easy to do that.
1. Select the texts you want, then annotation bar
will appear at the bottom of screen.
2. Pick a color you want.
3. Press highlight, underline or strikethrough
4. You can also clear annotation using clear (x)
Changes the page view mode for PDF
Single Page
Shows a single page at a time. You can swipe
up/down to change pages.
Single Page Continuous
Shows single page scrolling up and down.
Two Page Up
Shows 2 pages at a time. You can swipe up/
down to change pages.
Two Page Up Continuous
Shows 2 pages scrolling up and down.
Specify to add similar keywords to search term.
It will never add similar keywords to search
When keyword not found
Similar keywords is added if the enter keyword
is not found inside documents.
Always add similar keywords to search term.
Shows thumbnails at the bottom of PDF document showing small thumbnails of document.
Clears the list of search history.
Removes all documents, settings and indexes from library.
Optimize the index database to make searches faster.