PDF Search

Searching within documents is something you think you were doing so far

Search blazing fast through thousands of documents on Mac, iPhone or iPad. Increase your productivity in an unexpected way. You will feel like you know everything in documents by heart.

Harmony of intelligence with speed

When it comes to thousands of documents, searching within them can turn into a trouble even with powerful hardwares. After you find related documents, another challenge awaits you. Opening those documents and finding the related pages. At this point you need intelligence and speed. PDF Search combines these under one product with the power of Artificial Intelligence. You can search blazing fast within thousands of documents, moreover you can reach the desired pages (not just documents) instantly.

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Power of knowledge in your hands

Make search everywhere with your iOS device and find what you're looking for in a period as short as remembering. PDF Search is designed to give all desktop capabilities for your iPhone or iPad. Import documents easily using iCloud or Wifi synchronization and enjoy the magical search experience with your mobile device.

Share search results

Export Results as a new summarized PDF

You've made your search in thousands of documents, and you've found pages about your search in dozens of them. You need to share the results with your colleagues. Do you have to share all documents containing hundreds of pages to share just dozens of related pages? Not anymore.

PDF Search allows you to export the most relevant pages in search results as a new PDF document. So you can share a summary report with your friends with a single document.

Export Single Page

Sometimes you just need to share the information on a single page with your colleagues. With PDF Search, you can do this by exporting only the corresponding page without sharing the entire document.

Get a boost at work and school

Analysts, researchers, academics, developers, teachers, students and whoever having lots of documents within their workflow. This app will change your life.

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Professional for professionals

PDF Search supports office documents (Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, RTF). They are converted to PDF and indexed. You don't need to have Office Applications installed on your device.

What makes it different?

Ordinary search tools makes existency search. They only check whether your keywords exist in documents or not. Then they give you a bunch of document list. You check them one by one whether they are the one you are looking for or not. There is no intelligence, just like a machine.

PDF Search makes intelligent search. Instead of checking only existency, It analyses all pages seperately and makes a relevancy check for each of them according to given keywords. This check is similar to how a human checks documents. For example, a human is more interested on a page if it has a title containing keywords. PDF Search combines all these kind of checks into a brand new artifical intelligence algorithm. Using this, it finds the most relevant pages instantly among thousands of documents.

Instant Show

No wait to see related page

Page Rank

Calculates relevancy rank for each pages

Keyword Distance

Distance between keywords impacts relevancy

Keyword Density

Density on page impacts relevancy


Titles, font size/weight (etc.) impact relevancy

Fast Navigation

Navigate instantly between resulting pages in different documents


Narrate documents to search simply filtering names for precise results

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PDF Search

Assists you everywhere


You will be the boss and PDF Search will be your assistant. It will report you the most relevant pages for your searches in meetings and hard works instantly.


It will be your best friend telling what you need from documents while you make your researches or homeworks.


It will be the best time-saving tool for you. You will not be lost to find what you are looking for in the documents. Make time for your life.


Join PDF Search Users

  • “I had yearned for a way to search for contents in multiple PDF files, all at the same time, in the palm of my hands. I found this app, bought it, and well, without no doubt - This app just NAILS IT!”

    — 이라닉

  • “This is a wonderfully unobrusive and useful app if, like me, you have a large number of huge .pdfs in which you want to search. First time you launch it, you point it at the folders containing the .pdfs you want to search and it indexes them. After that, searches are quick and efficient. I recently had an issue and the developer responded speedily, producing a new version of the app within 24 hours that solved the problem. Really impressed!”

    — attima

  • “This PDF search utility is simply matchless. It first needs to index the searchable PDFs contained in folders that you specify. I have more than 10,000 PDF files listed in the Document Library. I am amazed at the speed with which results appear, including some found in unexpected places.”


  • “I very much appreciate PDF Search. I have thousands of PDFs on my computer. What makes PDF Search so handy is its display of the documents located and their ranking, the display showing the first page of each document and, when selected, the document itself with search terms highlighted. Quite often that first page display alone jogs my memory of the circumstances that led me to collect it in the first place. ”

    —Developmental Biologist

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